How Does the Court Decide Payments for College Expenses for Children?

How Does the Court Decide Payments for College Expenses for Children?

By: Gordon & Perlut, LLC

Getting a college degree can provide your child with definite advantages when it comes to securing a satisfying, well-paying career. However, paying college expenses often proves to be a major challenge for parents, particularly in cases where they are unmarried or have gone through the process of a divorce.

Obtaining a college contribution Order in Illinois can help ensure your child has the opportunities they deserve and that any expenses are paid. Gordon & Perlut, LLC. are child support lawyers in Skokie that can explain the circumstances in which this may apply.

Paying The High Costs Of College Expenses

Going to college is an option most parents encourage and strive to provide for their children. In addition to the personal growth benefits and the opportunity to make lifelong friends, getting an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree is a requirement in many professional fields. Unfortunately, it can come at a hefty price. College Tuition Compare states that for the 2020-2021 academic year, the average cost of college tuition and fees in Illinois is more than $10,000. If your child opts to stay on campus or go out of state, these costs can more than double.

How can parents afford these prices, particularly if they are single or struggling financially in the aftermath of a divorce? Scholarships and financial aid can help supplement expenses, but even if your child gets a full ride, there are:

  • Application fees.
  • Expenses related to books, laptops, and other school supplies.
  • Additional costs you will need to pay.

Having the Court address this issue is often the best option.

Having College Expenses Ordered by the Court

Under section 513 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, either parent can petition the Court to set forth each parties’ obligation towards your child’s college expenses. It is important to remember that the Court will also set forth what obligation your child has as well towards their education.

If your child shows the intent to go to college, where they have the proven aptitude and ability to perform the work, and where they would otherwise be unable to go unless both parents chip in to help, start addressing these issues while they are in their senior year of high school.

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