Why Do Some Couples Choose Mediation in a Chicago Divorce?

Why Do Some Couples Choose Mediation in a Chicago Divorce?

By: M. Scott Gordon

If you are planning to get divorced in the Chicago area, there are many reasons you might want to go through mediation. According to an article in the Huffington Post, while there are numerous benefits to mediation in a divorce case, not a lot of couples realize that it is an option for them or they do not understand what it entails. Indeed, “despite divorce mediation’s well-deserved reputation as a sensible alternative to fighting it out in court, we find that few people know very much about it.”

Whether you already think you know some things about divorce mediation, or if you have heard it could be a beneficial option for you but you do not know why, we want to provide you with some more information. The following are some of the most common reasons that couples choose to go through divorce mediation.

  1. Mediation Can Save Time and Money 

Going through mediation is often much quicker and less expensive than going through a divorce in which the court must make certain decisions, such as those concerning property distribution and the allocation of parental responsibilities. By choosing mediation, you will be able to work toward an agreeable solution that you can take to the judge, and you can avoid significant time in court.

  1. Mediation Can Lessen Hostility Between the Parties

When you go through mediation, it is important to understand that this is a form of alternative dispute resolution that occurs outside the bounds of the courtroom. As such, there is no judicial process in which a party like a judge makes a decision for the divorcing spouses. Instead, mediation sessions are run by a trained mediator who is a neutral third party. Given that the mediator is not required to hear cases and make a decision, the mediator can help the parties to listen to one another and to come to a conclusion or agreement that is favorable to both parties.

Due to the way in which mediation works, spouses are able to play a big role in the outcome of a property settlement or child custody matter. Given the structure of mediation, hostilities between the parties often decrease or cease altogether since they are able to feel that they have played an active role in the final settlement. When parties feel as though their voices have been heard and have mattered, hostilities can lessen.

  1. Mediation is Confidential

Many parties choose mediation because it is confidential. There are many issues in a marriage that one or both spouses might want to keep private during the negotiation process and throughout the divorce. By choosing mediation and working toward a solution with a neutral third-party mediator, the parties can reach a settlement without having to make certain information public.

Seek Advice from a Chicago Mediation Lawyer

If you are thinking about divorce and have questions about how mediation might benefit you and your spouse, an experienced Chicago mediation attorney can speak with you today. At Gordon & Perlut, LLC, we help clients with a wide variety of divorce and family law issues, and we can explore your options with you. Contact us for more information.